The Patient & Colleague Feedback (PCF) site has been developed by the HSC Leadership Centre in Belfast, N Ireland in conjunction with Health organisations in N Ireland.

Appraisal for Medical Practitioners is based on the General Medical Council’s (GMC) document Good Medical Practice. The colleague & patient feedback questionaires used by the HSC Leadership Centre meet the requirements set out in the GMC's Framework for Appraisal and Revalidation.

For colleague feedback the system easily allows a Doctor to nominate a facilitator and 20 colleagues to provide feedback on their working practice, after feedback is complete a report is generated to complete the process.

For patient feedback the system allows the Doctor to complete their self-survey, download questionnaires and view the status of the entire process throughout. When feedback is complete an online report is generated to complete the process.

Registration on the PCF feedback site

The site is currently administrated within each HSC organisation. Administrators register doctors onto the system, and send out login details, the steps involved in completing a survey are clearly outlined after logging onto the site, it is a simple and straight forward process.

If you are unsure who to contact in your organisation or you do not belong to HSCNI please see the details in the contact link above.

The purpose of patient & colleague feedback

If you were to imagine yourself at the centre of your practice, then a sample of those who have a view of you - from working with you or being treated by you - will be able respond to a set of questions about you and your practice. This information helps a doctor reflect on their practice and identify any areas of development.

It is important to note that PCF is only one element of an appraisal conversation. It should be supported by other information. PCF is NOT evidence. It is information drawn together from the perceptive understandings and impressions of professional colleagues and patients. It is confidential - it is not intended for public record. It is formative (developmental) and is NOT summative (like an exam). It is individual and not comparable with other colleague's feedback.

Benchmarking data is not yet available, but it is hoped that this will be in the future, when sufficient information has been collected.

How feedback is used in appraisal

The Doctor is asked to 'self rate' using the same survey questions as their colleagues and patients. This information will be gathered along with feedback from colleagues & patienbts to generate an overall report.

This is not a statistical tool. The numbers in the report provide a visual indication of responses to each question. The point of feedback is to guide the conversation. If there are any significant discrepancies between the self rating and the raters' scores - or if there are patterns of low ratings, then a discussion may explore the meaning behind these. This discussion can expose issues around 'systems', 'insight', 'knowledge/skills','motivation' and communication.